Own Nothing

We believe in a future where consumer technology is seamlessly woven into our lives and feels like nothing.

We want you to create that future together with us. Not just cheering from the sidelines, but front and center from the very start. That's why we’re inviting you to invest in and become a shareholder of Nothing. $1.5 million worth of shares will be available to the community at the same price as our wider Series A funding round led by GV (formerly known as Google Ventures). The number of shares are limited, and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis on Crowdcube. So, make sure to pre-register for early access, and look out for our email on 2 March 2021!

How it Works

  1. Check local regulations for your eligibility to invest. If you are eligible, submit your email for early access to our investment opportunity.
  2. Go to Crowdcube and create an account. This is where the investing will take place once we go live.
  3. Make sure you have a credit or debit card ready, sit tight and wait for our email. We’ll send you a notification a few minutes before go time, be sure not to miss it!

If you live in the United States, Canada, or Japan: please read the FAQ before registering.

Early Access

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Capital at Risk

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We will let you know when it’s go time!

In the meantime, check out our FAQ below if you’ve got any questions and follow us on social media for more updates.

Why Invest?

More than just holding equity, investing in Nothing is investing in a vision for a different technological future. You will be an integral part of our community, helping to bring back artistry, optimism, and trust to consumer technology.

As part of our community, you will have access to our private forum and some exclusive benefits, and one of the investors will be elected as our Community Board Member who will ensure the community is always heard and never left behind.

We'll be sharing more details on the rewards available once the funding platform opens. Stay tuned!

Backed by Proven Investors

Steve Huffman

CEO and Co-founder of Reddit

Kevin Lin

Co-founder of Twitch

Josh Buckley

CEO of Product Hunt

Liam Casey

Founder and CEO, PCH

Paddy Cosgrave

Founder of Web Summit

Casey Neistat


Don’t Forget

Pre-register Now

Crowdfunding is where a large number of people pool their money together to back a business they believe in, via an online platform. More information on crowdfunding can be found here.

We want to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of the company and access the Nothing forums. There you’ll be able to meet like-minded people and help guide product development by working closely with the Nothing team to drive the next generation of consumer technology. One of you will even get the chance to represent the community at board meetings as Community Board Member.

Join us in bringing passion back to tech to create an ecosystem so seamless it feels like nothing — but is absolutely everything.

Crowdcube is a platform which enables businesses to attract investment from professionals and venture capital firms, as well as from everyday investors. It has facilitated crowdfunding raises for Monzo, Revolut, BrewDog, Freetrade and more, and is currently the world’s largest crowdfunding platform. It’s also regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority, so you can invest in confidence.

Learn more about Crowdcube here.

You’ll become a shareholder in Nothing - a part-owner of the company. Nothing is also offering investors a range of exclusive rewards alongside the equity they receive for their investment. We'll share more details of the rewards available once the funding platform opens.

The most important first step is sign up (free) to Crowdcube. If you register your interest now, we’ll let you know as soon as our private Crowdcube page goes live on 2 March 2021, so you will have early access to invest before we share this opportunity with the rest of the world. You will officially be a Nothing shareholder once the round has closed and the cooling-off period (normally 7 days) is over! 

We’re going live on Crowdcube on 2 March 2021. 

Early access will be given to those who pre-registered using this page. If you have pre-registered with us, a private link to access the Crowdcube page will be emailed to you on 2 March 2021. As the number of shares is limited, they will be available on a first-come, first-served basis on Crowdcube.

We will open up for investment from all other parties publicly at a later time.

Just remember that investing in a startup business carries significant risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of your investment and dilution. You can read more about these risks on the Crowdcube website.

You can own a piece of the future starting with EUR 50, with an upper limit of EUR 20k.

There is no fee for becoming a member of Crowdcube’s investor community.

When making an investment, a fee of 1.5% of the amount invested is applied to each investment. The investment fee, including the exact amount being applied to your investment, is outlined in the investment process before your investment is pledged. This fee, which is subject to a minimum of £0.50p and is capped at a maximum of £250.00, is collected when the payment for your investment is processed by Crowdcube. Find out more about Crowdcube's investment fee structure here.

You are investing alongside Nothing’s management team, and private and established investors, including the venture capital investor GV (formerly Google Ventures), and Tony Fadell (principal at Future Shape and inventor of the iPod), well-known YouTuber Casey Neistat, Kevin Lin (co-founder of Twitch), Steve Huffman (chief executive of Reddit), Liam Casey (founder and chief executive of PCH), Paddy Cosgrave (founder of Web Summit) and Josh Buckley (chief executive of Product Hunt).

If you invest in a business on Crowdcube you will become a shareholder in that company. In most cases your shares will be held on for you by Crowdcube Nominees Limited. The amount you invest, and the equity issued/number of shares bought will affect your percentage of ownership in the business. Once your investment has been processed and Crowdcube have collected your payment you will be sent your share documentation.

Investing in startup and early stage businesses is high risk. The majority of startups fail or do not deliver shareholders a return on their investment. Liquidity, or the ability to cash in your investment, is limited as it often relies on the company being sold. Such investments in start up and early stage companies are long-term investments. Dividend payments are rare and the likelihood of an investor's percentage shareholding being diluted by future fundraising is high. Learn more about investing on Crowdcube here.

Return may come via a liquidity event such as a trade sale, secondary market transaction or an IPO.

We're confident that entrepreneurs listed on Crowdcube have the best intentions and will treat investors fairly and without prejudice. However, in the unlikely event things don't go to plan it is important that you're protected.

Company Law already gives minority shareholders class rights and protects them against unfair prejudice from unscrupulous behaviour. You may also get full voting and pre-emption rights depending on the investment you make, which will give you even greater protection. That's why we verify key statements made on every pitch to ensure that its fair, clear and not misleading before putting it live. Your research and judgement is still vital but it's reassuring to know we're checking things too.

Crowdcube Capital Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No. 650205). As such, investors are treated as customers of Crowdcube Capital and therefore have the potential to be compensated out of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme established and operated by the Financial Conduct Authority, in the event that Crowdcube Capital should fail in the conduct of its FCA regulated activities. However, investors will not be able to claim under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme merely because a Crowdcube Capital investee company fails. Details of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme may be found at www.fscs.org.uk.

To invest via Crowdcube you must be over 18 years old and legally entitled to invest. Please don’t register with us if you are under the age of 18.

We accept investments from anywhere in the world unless there’s an exceptional legal reason for us not to. Specific restrictions apply to investments made by residents of certain countries (because of securities laws in those countries). Do check and consider the relevant rules and regulations in your country before investing.

If you reside in US, Canada, or Japan, please take care to read the details of these restrictions in the FAQs below.

Specific regulations (set by the SEC in the US) apply to investments by US residents. 

Because of these restrictions: sorry you won’t be able to participate in this raise.

If you’re resident in the US, have accredited investor status (within the definition set forth in Rule 501 (a) of Regulation D under the Securities Act) and keen to become a Nothing investor, please reach out to us at invest-usa@nothing.tech for more information on upcoming raises. 

Very strict restrictions apply to investments by residents of Canada.

Because of those restrictions: sorry, you won’t be able to participate in this raise.

Very strict restrictions apply to investments by residents of Japan.

Because of those restrictions: sorry, you won’t be able to participate in this raise.

Crowdcube is a regulated business, because offering shares to the public is a regulated activity. Regulated businesses must be certain to ensure that they know the source of the funds they receive. It’s also Crowdcube’s job to ensure that shares in Nothing are registered to the right owners. Identity checks exist to address both of these challenges - they’re essential to make sure this process goes smoothly.

If you are based outside of Europe: this question gives you some information about ID.

We’ll ask you to share a copy of your current signed passport (all four corners must be showing) OR your national identity card bearing a photograph (electronic copy only and both sides required).

In addition, we’ll need to see a PDF download or screenshot of your recent online bank statement, which includes your full name, address and the date. These documents will be handled by a third-party payment provider.

Crowdcube’s general AML FAQs are available to all investors in its help centre: https://help.crowdcube.com/hc/en-us/sections/360002700559-AML-checks

We will require a copy of two documents, one to confirm your identity and one to confirm your address.

Most investors have access to an online bank account. As evidence of your address, we accept a PDF download or screenshot of a recent (i.e. within the last three months) online bank statement, which includes your full name, address and the date. This should be sent along with your valid ID documentation.

Crowdcube’s general AML FAQs are available to all investors in its help centre: https://help.crowdcube.com/hc/en-us/sections/360002700559-AML-checks

In most cases our Anti-Money Laundering (AML) check will be completed in the background using electoral data. Please keep an eye on your emails throughout the completion period. If you do not receive a request for documentation then there is no need to contact Crowdcube for an update on the status of your investment.

Unfortunately, you are not currently able to upload your documentation via the Crowdcube app. Please log in to your Crowdcube account via the web to access the upload document function.

Your proof of address document must include the following information:

- Your full given name

- Your full residential address

It must also be dated within the last 3 months.

Here are some examples of the documents that we are unable to accept as part of our checks:

- Credit card statements

- Insurance documents

- Provisional driving licences

- Mobile phone bills

- Purchase receipts

- Library cards

If you need to update the address listed on your Crowdcube account you can update your address here.

This is not possible on Crowdcube. An investment must be made in your own name, with your Crowdcube account containing your own personal details (name, address and date of birth). The card used to make payment for your investment should also be in your own name. More information can be found here.

Your documentation will be reviewed in a timely manner and you will be emailed to confirm if this Anti-Money Laundering (AML) check has been completed. In some cases we may email you with a request for further documentation before we can proceed with your investment.

Once our AML check has been passed and the NOTHING funding round has closed, the cooling-off email will be sent to investors, which will provide further details on the expected date for payment collection.

We will provide you with 24 hours notice before any funds are debited from your card.

Once a pitch has funded and has closed to further investment, you will receive a cooling off email, which includes a copy of the company’s Articles of Association for you to review.

During this cooling off period, which is generally no shorter than seven days, you’ll have the opportunity to review your investment before it becomes final. Once this cooling off period has expired, we’ll send you an email confirming when your payment, which includes your investment and Crowdcube’s investment fee, will be collected.

You can find more details here.

  • * It’s important you know that investing in start-ups and early-stage businesses involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio.
  • This web page has been approved as a financial promotion by Crowdcube Capital Ltd who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No 650205)